The Advantages of Building Your Own Pc in 2017

By | September 22, 2017

No matter how good your computer is, it’s just a fact of life that one day you’ll need to upgrade. When that happens, you’ve got a lot of factors to consider in order to find the best machine for your needs. With so many brands and separate parts that make up the computer buying experience, it can be hard to figure out where to compromise and what to settle for.

But what if you didn’t need to settle and could custom pick every piece of technology that went into your new PC? Long gone are the days of only the best and richest having the access to the best machines, as building your own computer has become much simpler and more affordable than every before. Today, we’ll talk about the advantages of building your own PC in 2017 and why you should consider doing so for your next computer.



Building your own computer allows you the option to customize virtually everything about it. Unlike buying a normal computer tower or laptop, you can control exactly what goes into your machine and optimize for your needs. Gaming computers could be focused around maximized graphics and higher processing powers, while business computers could use extra memory space. The specifics are entirely in your control.

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Upgrade Anytime

With a computer you’ve made yourself, you have the unique opportunity to upgrade every single piece of technology within it as needed. You’ll know exactly where everything is, too, considering you built it, saving you time and frustration digging through a PC’s internals. This potentially extends your computer’s longevity far beyond what you could expect from one you’ve bought.


While it won’t be cheap by any means, building your own computer can potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Making something similar to a top of the line PC will still cost quite a bit of money, but dodging the markup that comes between construction and selling is a major plus. The ability to select your own parts allows you to work within your budget, too, prioritizing certain aspects over others in order to save money.


No Warranty

Certain parts may come with them, but your computer overall will not have a warranty if you’ve made it yourself. This means any potential malfunctions of accidents that happen will be up to you to solve. While you might be able to get some assistance by taking it to a local PC repair specialist, the onus to fix it will still be on your shoulders as you were the one to build it from the ground up.

Skill Requirements

Building computers may have gotten simpler with things like step-by-step guides available online to help you, but building a computer will still require a baseline level of skill both in computing and the technicals of putting it together. Due to the cost and time involved in making a PC, you shouldn’t attempt this kind of undertaking without a good deal of confidence in what you can do first.


It’s easier than ever to build your own computer, but that doesn’t mean it comes without its challenges. Even so, if you’re confident in your abilities and willing to take the risk, creating a PC tailored to your needs from scratch is a rewarding, fun, and cost effective way of owning a new computer.