The Best Drones Syma X5sc Explorer 2 Are Here

By | August 6, 2017

SYMA 2.4 G:

SYMA is a well-known company of China. This company is at aim to provide its users a great deal of quality drones, helicopters and FPV. A lot of 2.4G drones have been manufactured by SYMA 2.4 G till now. Here I am going to discuss one of them in this article.

SYMA X5SC Explorer 2:

This is remote controlled quadcopter. Comes with 360 degrees Eversion technology. Its headless mode is beyond your imagination as it will help this Drone to fly in every direction with ease. Blade protector as well as HD camera built-in is reliable to take pictures as well as record videos easily.



  • This Quadcopter amazingly comes with a USB charger.
  • If we talk about the dimensions of this drone then we come to know that it consists of 31.5cm length, 31.5cm of width and 10.5cm of height.
  • Exclusively frequency of about 2.4GHz.
  • Have a great anti-interference ability.
  • Faster in its own way.
  • Fantastic LCD display.
  • Battery is about 3.7V, 200mAh Li-Poly.
  • Its battery will take 50 to 60 minutes to charge completely.
  • Its flight timing is round about 6 to 8 minutes.
  • Colorful lights engraved in it will keep the flight of drone more exciting at night.
  • Hight quality elastic plastic is used to made a protective layer around the blades.
  • It has a HD camera, which is compatible to shoot the nature with amazingly.
  • Headless mode is the great amongst the rest.
  • It contains 360 Eversion technology and fly swiftly.
  • It will cost you not much but a handful amount of 50.76$.


  • Least power consumption is its motto.
  • 6-axis Gyro for stability during flight.
  • 3D dynamic flight.
  • Use to use and handle.
  • Comes with transmitter, manual, USB charger.


  • Only for beginners not good for professionals.
  • A lot of weight due to camera, prop guard and landing feet.

SYMA multi-copter:

SYMA multi-copter is a company of China but have two main headquarters. One is in China and the other one is in Hong Kong. This company is good at manufacturing FPV, quadcopters, drones and helicopters. SYMA is making its place in the field of technology these days by manufacturing best technology based gadgets. Many of the drones by SYMA are the best one, because most of them have HD cameras along with headless modes. LED lights for making the night flight full of excitement. Have recommendations that is. They are only beneficial for the kids who are above 10 years.


SYMA has really impressed me by its drones. It’s a prefect decision for your kid. We wish you good luck!