The Impact of Seo to This New Age Generation

By | September 6, 2018

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO is the method of increasing the visibility and popularity of a website by attaining high rank in search engine results such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others. In the past years, the focus of SEO is on the use of keywords alone so to increase the rankings of a website in different Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). A lot of website owners focus on reaching the top rank but do not focus much on keeping their spot, therefore, most of the time, being on top is short-lived. Over the years, the new age of SEO is born, and many NYC SEO consulting firms have revolutionized their techniques. They focused on other more critical areas in SEO optimization based on the recent trends in technology. Here are the main focuses of SEO in the new era.

Focusing on Social Media

The Social Media is a compelling platform these days and therefore, SEO paved the way into focusing on it. It became a key to obtaining high SERP rankings. According to some surveys, a lot of people claim that Social Media such as Facebook is a significant influencer in making purchases and choosing products and services. Therefore, the world of Social Media is now one of the most important focuses when trying to improve the visibility of a webpage.

Building Links

Building links from essential and authoritative pages became very important in this new age of SEO. Many users prefer to follow links found in reliable websites as they seem more trustworthy as compared to an ordinary webpage. Therefore, a lot of sites try to have links to these web pages either through collaboration or link exchanges.

The Concept of Semantic SEO

In the past, optimization is mainly based on the keywords or search terms, but these days the concept of semantic SEO is in place. It focuses not just on keywords but on the intent of the user. For semantic search, the search engine checks on the connection between keywords to understand what they mean and how they can work together. Therefore, the results may not contain the exact keywords entered. It produces more results from related sites based on the intention of the user.

Content for the Readers

In the old era of SEO, marketing firms focus their materials in basically obtaining good SERP rankings. However, the new age of SEO focuses the content for their readers first. They often ensure that the contents of the page are relevant and engaging to the reader and other visitors. It is how they gain the trust of their visitors and increases potential clients and buyers. Having relevant content make them more trustworthy and therefore more will prefer their site.

Mobile SEO

Since most people use mobile devices such as cellular phones and tablets, SEO focuses on having mobile sites as they load faster as compared to regular websites. One of the primary considerations for SEO is for URL to load quickly. Many users often switch to another if one site is loading slowly. Those with mobile websites that can load fast is proven to have higher rankings as compared to those with heavy contents.